Last updated: Oct 19th, 2017


Which mobile technologies are used by LivoMobile?

LivoMobile uses HTML5-compliant web technologies for user interface and, Cordova for using native device capabilities.


Which basic subjects does LivoMobile provide easiness for a web developer who wants to develop a mobile application?

LivoMobile provides very much easiness for a web developer at the following subjects of developing a mobile application:
1- To develope a login page with control structure and setup authentication, authorization infrastructure is no necessary for a web developer in LivoMobile. LivoMobile provides the login screen and authentication, authorization infrastructure for every web developer using its system.
2- LivoMobile offers several useful mobile templates which their count will increase as time passes.
3- LivoMobile provides several Cordova plugins installed. Every web developer learnt API usage can easily use several native mobile device capabilities.
4- LivoMobile has an editor that make coding possible.
5- A web developer can preview his/her codes for mobile devices
6- All mobile applications of a web developer can be managed and coded centrally via LivoMobile.
7- Release mamangement is done severally for every application
*** New features like Git sencronization are coming soon.


Do you have a pricing plan? New

You can reach our pricing plan from cloud.livomobile.com


For support

Support Email: support@livomobile.com